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Sankay Systems specializes in providing end-to-end IT solutions involving Software development, Product development, Testing, and Off-shore development services to clients globally.

We increase our clients’ business value by creating operational efficiencies and competitive differentiation generated through our IT services & solutions.

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable and cost effective IT services to our clients.

Our Values

Dedication. Teamwork. Quality. Continuous learning.

Our Team

Professionals with industry experience using best practices.



Explore The World Class Healthcare Product Suite


Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, ONC accredited Ambulatory E.H.R Features: FHIR OpenID 2-way communication, HL7 2.X compliant registry, lab interfaces Electronic chart (inward/outward).


Cloud portal for population health management, Medical claims risk management, fraud and abuse prevention. Features: Configurable adaptive rules engine, that incorporates up-to-date fraud detection techniques. Also includes population Health using HCC and Johns Hopkins ACG System.


MAI®CLAIM Cloud portal for Professional, Institutional and Dental billing claims processing in HIPAA EDI formats Features: Standard claim scrubbing such as MUE, CCI, LCD & NCD edits; Real-Time eligibility benefit verification; Real-Time claim status checks; Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) delivery


Mobile cross-reference tools to navigate different clinical terminologies. Features: Lookups for SNOMED, ICD10, ICD9, NIH Genomic databases; 100+ clinical encyclopedias maintained by HHS;  Android and IOS Ad-hoc deployments.

Parent Assist - DAT

AI / Machine Learning tools to enable parents to get support for their children with special needs. The features include SMS Text chat bots, Alexa voice skills, and Embedded web site bots.

EIP - IFSP Assist ®

Cloud portal and Hyperledger Permissioned Blockchain Early Intervention Platform to assist parents with special needs.

Center Of Excellence

Center Of Excellence

Explore our World Class Center Of Excellence Practice. We provide Industry standard, World class services including Strategy, Architecture, CI/CD, and DevOps support.

Cloud Solutions

We provide solutions based on Cloud native, Hybrid and On-Prem to Cloud migration. We Work with Cloud providers like Amazon - AWS, Microsoft - Azure, GCP, and Private. Through our experience in the cloud environment, we bring the best solutions to our Clients and increase their ROI.

Blockchain Technologies

We provide the best value that Blockchain and distrubuted computing have to offer. Our proven methodolies combined with highly secured networks give trust and productivity to our Clients. We provide services in the development of Smart Contracts and STO, and provide support with DevOps and On-boarding Clients. The solutions can be deployed as permissioned or permmission less. Blockchain networks can be Private, HyperLedger, or Ethereum.

AI and Big Data Analytics

Data. This is the most valuble asset to any business. Having data is the first step towards generating insights. These insights allow us to provide world class services to solve your complex data analytics challenges using AI and Big Data technologies (such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark Streaming, Talend and Snowflakes).

Retail Services

Retail Services

Explore our World Class Retail Services

Business Supplies

A wide range of products supplied to the Order. Products range from Software licenses, to various office supplies in bulk quantities.


COVID-19 RT-PCR and COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Tests. COVID-19 Personal Protection & Safety Kits.

Medical Device Solutions

Medical Device solutions to meet the demands of Clinicians and Healthcare facilities.

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